Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guest Post - Districts / Regret, The Informer

Hey Y'all. Guest post time. This one is done by Chris over at Elementary Revolt. He is one of my favorite bloggeres, and I guess he will be sending me posts from time to time. I eventually want to get him to write stuff for chug as opposed to copy pasting from ER, but I don't really care.

Country: USAGenre: Hardcore, Punk, ScreamoLabel: The Ghost is Clear Records, Galt House Records, Endnote Records. Tracks: 8Length: 28.0'
Hell yes.  Here's the latest release on deck for TGIC and I was psyched to get permission to review and post this album.  Kansas City based  The Ghost Is Clear records has become one of my favorite record labels during the past two years or so.  The Ghost Is Clear has been churning out stellar releases by bands such as Tigon, Big Fiction, Canyons, Brighter Arrows, Wild Moth, and Illustrations to name a few.  This latest split LP is the label's latest project along with a new LP by Alta.  Both albums are slated for release by the end of the year.  This split LP features four new songs each from Districts and Regret, The Informer.  The first four songs on the LP come courtesy of Districts.  Districts is a band from Lowell, Massachussetts who formed in 2010.  Districts play an amazing style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, and screamo within their sound.  Musically, Districts play epic and tense hardcore/screamo in a similar vein as bands such as Todos Caeran and We Were Skeletons as well as older bands such as The Fiction and Saetia.  The next four songs on the LP feature Regret, The Informer.  Regret, The Informer is a four piece band from Kansas Missouri who formed in 2008.  Regret, The Informer play a great style of post hardcore, punk, and screamo. Regret, The Informer's music is a modern take on the classic screamo sound pioneered by bands such as Hot Cross, I Hate Myself, Off Minor, and 400 Years.  Overall, both bands on this album are phenomenal and I'd say that this LP will be getting lots of attention in the coming months from other blogs and zines.  Words can't describe how good this split is.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy.


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