Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Sooper Swag Project

The Sooper Swag Project is a rap / hip hop group from Chicago that my bud Nnamdi is a part of. I don't think I know / met any of the other dudes who are involved, but it does not matter because this shit is fucking ill. This first Sooper Swag thing that I ever heard, even though it isn't really technically one of their songs was this:

Basically, Sooper Swag Project is hilarious, hella tight hip hop made by goof balls who are stupid good at making music. I mean, again, I don't know the other guys but Nnamdi makes hella videos like this one:

So obviously the dudes a goof and I would imagine his homies are on his level though. Check out his youtube channel for a bunch of videos.  SSP is a little more "serious", but I mean its still somewhat silly. Experi-Swag.

I'm really tired because I worked today and I haven't done anything manly since like January when I moved some wood down a flight of stairs so this little boy man needs a nap. But, download all the shit that is below. There are two Sooper releases plus a lil single or something, and then I also have the album of one of the other dudes who is in the group. It's all really good, swagged out or whatever, and worth your time. So check  it all out and have some fun. Swerp. Word.


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We love drugs and stuff said...

They been in some really sick twinkly math rock bands in the past. I been digging this alot