Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ricky Eat Acid

I'm pretty late in the game on this one, I suppose. I was introduced to Slam Gay via the internet, by Reid (of course), who was like "This is the dude who does Ricky Eat Acid". I was like "What the shit is Ricky Eat Acid" and then Reid explained it in a very roundabout way. I never listened to it. Then I was introduced to Teen Suicide and I was like "word this is cool", but now that I'm back in Maryland I have been talking to the lesser members of Teen Suicide / Julia Brown and thus Sam is sort of in my life. So I talked to Skizz about it a while ago and decided I would listen to Ricky. In case you are very thick, Sam Ray uses the moniker Ricky Eat Acid to make minimalist quasi-drone experimental whatever music, and he is the driving force behind the bands Teen Suicide and Julia Brown. Julia Brown is recording right now, actually, and I'm really siced to to go ham to Torts' sick bass lines, hashtag JUICED.

It would seem that REA is popular. Sam is internet famous because of it or something. Sometimes I see on Ricky plays on randos' and long distant homies' last.fms and stuff. Also, the mother fucker has like 10 releases. Flood the block, Birdman Style. The music seems to be more like soundscapes than "songs", but it doesn't matter because all of the tracks are generally different, with obvious similarities existing throughout individual albums. Its real dark bro, sounds like homie enjoys doing DrUgS. This shit is really cool chill out music, or like dark place music or whatever. He uses a variety of instruments which is a testament to his musical prowess, or rather, gives him more platforms to musically ejaculate onto the people who will inevitably listen to his stuff just because he is who he is. I give him shit, but I generally enjoy the dude. He makes me laugh because I don't take him as seriously as others do.

I heard that Torts and Skizz are getting interviewed for like an article or something that is going to be about Sam. I, personally, think that is fucking hilarious and demand that I get to see the finished product. I really wish that the person who is conducting this study on Mr. Gay would get in touch with me, because I will fuck that whole thing up with yellow journalism style propaganda. And all Sam will do is laugh.

On the real though, or at least, on the more serious, Sam is cool enough to fuck with, just dont stroke that lil dudes ego because I'm sure its chaffed by now. Teen Suicide was the shit, and Julia Brown is also dope, so check that shit out too and support them. Skizz needs gas money and Torts needs to pay for his hair product, so give the dudes some money. And support Ricky as well, obviously, even though he doesn't play live or anything. Word.


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