Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Perfect Future

Yo, Perfect Future are the homies. Well, I don't think I know anyone in this band aside from Brendan, but he is, in fact, the ultimate homie. Everyone knows someone like that dude: the guy who deserves most to "make it", whatever that means, and the one whom when good things happen to them, your just like "fuck yeah that guy, he's the shit". I haven't seen him since 2010 in Missouri, I think. We have played shows together a good bit at his house and stuff, and he has always been the dude. I saw some good bands at his house in Frostburg too. He was in some other bands that people are into but I have yet to get around to listening, but I feel like I should. Carlo played bass in this band on tour once, back when they did a little diddy with Who Goes There?.

Anyways, Perfect Future is an emo / post punk band from Maryland that is signed to Count Your Lucky Stars Records. I think if you are into that label or "indie" emo music you would have heard of these cats, but if you haven't then you are in for a treat. They are simply one of the best bands out there making musc like this, and if you are into new alternative emo stuff then you are going to be all over this shit. They have a good handful of releases, all of which are great. You can really hear the line up changes in the different releases, and its tight to listen to stuff in chronological order to hear how to band grew. I don't think that these guys are that big, but I don't really get it because I feel like they should be blowing up by now. I hope they start to blow up more soon. I think they are working on a new 7 inch, which I would imagine is going to kill, so keep an eye out for that. When I get it I'll post it. This post has been, literally, in the making since like 2009 or some shit. The reason it took so long is because every time I think about chugging these cats, they are in the process of releasing something, so I'm just like "I'll wait", but I always end up waiting to long and think about it again once they are about to do something else, again. I'm tired of waiting. And there is some sort of blizzard outside so it feels appropriate to listen to this band and look out the window. Thats what your supposed to do right?

Support this band, go see them on tour, and buy their stuff. Give money to CYLS because they are legit and need money to continue to be legit. Word.


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In the UK go to sncl