Monday, March 11, 2013

American Womanhood

This past Saturday I went to Alexandria to play a show in a living room and to hangout with some new homies. I saw an old homie there and that was dope, but the dopest part of the evening (aside from the cool dad) was all of the awesome bands that I had only seen like once, if I had even seen them ever in the first place. The band that blew me away the most was American Womanhood. I had listened to them before the show just to see who was playing, and I was like "oh cool" and kind of left it at that. But then when I saw them at this show it blew my mind, I guess. They filled a Daughters sized hole in my life.

So first of all, this band is pretty good on their recordings, but are at least 17 times better live. They didn't even have their bass player with them Saturday and they still killed it. Even the sound clips were fucking next level. Next. Level.

American Womanhood is a grindy math-core band from Baltimore. I don't know if the dudes are in other bands or anything. The best way to describe them is "Maryland's answer to Daughters" but I don't want to just portray them as nothing more than Daughters worship. Because thats not the case. The guitarist is ridiculously good, and the drummer is on fucking point. I especially enjoyed their vocalists mannerisms and vocals, live more so than on the recordings. If I had money I would have bought some of their merch because they are trying to record again and are broke or something, which I can 100% relate to. So, even though this is for download, try to find a way to give them money so they can do more shit. There is another album on their bandcamp that isn't available for downloading, so check that shit out on their bandcamp or their youtube channel. I'm real stoked on this band, and I hope that I can see them again in the future. Get stoked on this shit, they are one of my new favorite bands to see live. Word.


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