Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ten Grand / The Vidablue (and The Khayembii Communique)

Ok, so there once was a midwest emotional post hardcore band in the 90's and early part of the 200's called The Vidablue. Then one day, one of the dudes from Phish wanted to name one of his bands The Vida Blue, and so he bought the name from the original band using that name for 10,000 American dollars. The band then changed their name to Ten Grand. They put out alot of releases and were going real strong until their vocalist / the dude whom I would imagine was the driving creative force died suddenly in 2003. I originally listened to this band a while ago when I was trying to find The Khayembii Communique's discography. I was pretty into it but didn't really listen to it a whole lot, but I found The Vidablue's split with TKC recently on my computer and decided I would look into the band and get all of their stuff. Well, it turns out that the dude who died in Ten Grand was in alot of other projects, and I managed to find a good chunk of them, which I have below. Download it, try to find physicals, and get down with some older jams. Sucks the dude died because he wrote some righteous jams, but that shit happens. As a little bonus I also threw The Khayembii Communique's self titled LP down at the bottom, just so I don't have to wait and do another post about them. Oh, thanks to Justin from Alta for helping me find some of these releases, made my night a little easier. Word.




Unknown said...

hey bro, thanks! I've been looking for this for a while
and you just posted it all!
thanks again

Jordan said...

Love Lost Her Job Today!!! Thanks!