Monday, March 25, 2013

This Review Website Thing

So I figured I would put this up on here just because I'm still listening to what I'm actually going to Chug right now, but, there is this website called Slice The Pie, and they pay you to do reviews of songs. You sign up and use an email that has a paypal account, and then you just kind of sit around and listen to music that they steam. It's generally dumb radio shit, but I've been doing it when I'm bored for like a week now, and I've made like ten bucks. Again, it isn't a legit way to get big boy money, but it's gas / smoke money and its really easy. The more you do it, and the "better" your reviews are, the more money you can make per review. It takes a minute to start up and get some money, but I mean, I just fart stuff out with buzzwords and stuff that makes it sound legit and they eat it up. Sharing the wealth.

(if you want, i dont care)

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