Monday, March 18, 2013

Tess Wiley

Back when I was doing that post on Splendora I was trying to find any information regarding the side projects of the girls in the band when I came across Tess Wiley. For a minute I thought she was in the band, and was super stoked on this song called "Rainy Day Assembly" because the instruments made is sound like an Owen song. I was super into it all night, and then when I was doing the Splendora post I found out that she was not, in fact, in that band, but was going to use that name for her solo project but obviously couldn't.

Tess Wiley is an American singer / songwriter who was in Sixpence None The Richer before they got super big. Does that band sound familiar? It should, because they did those songs "Kiss Me" and "There She Goes". But again, that was after Tess left the band to do her own stuff.

She was featured on a shit ton of albums, which you can check out here. As far as her solo work is concerned, she has used the names Tess Wiley & Her Orchestra and just Tess Wiley. I can't tell if Phantasmic is a solo project or another band that she was in, but yeah, she did that too.

I suppose you could consider her a Christian artist, but it doesn't really matter to me. Its sick because back in the day she worked with Tooth & Nail a few times, and seemed to be down with the emo scene. She had a hidden track on the second emo compilation that Deep Elm put out, so hella street cred. Nowadays she is married and lives in Germany with her husband, who owns a skateboarding company. Pretty much the perfect woman.

I really couldn't find much of her music online. It sucked. I could maybe find like one or two songs here and there, but no full albums except for the one I got below. I did manage to get the emo compilation song though. If you like her music, please buy it. It would be cool if you later uploaded it so I could have it, but yeah. Support her, she has kids and shit. And is the archetype of "Cool Girl Whom Later Becomes Cool Woman". For real though. Word.


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