Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toe - The Future is Now EP

Today I found out that Toe released a new album. I googled it, and found a buck load of blogs with the D/L on it, so I mean why not?

If you have never listened to Toe you should check out the older post we did on them. I would imagine most people are somewhat familiar with this band, but sometimes people surprise me. The new EP has the obligatory Toe characteristics, but this release is somewhat chiller than the other releases and displays a good deal of musical maturity. This album is also significantly more electronic, and has an above average number of tracks with vocals (2 for 4). While "The Future is Now" is a pleasant progression for the band, I can't tell if I will really bump this release. Granted this is the first listen, but nothing is really popping out at me. I mean, all the songs are obviously good because Toe is absolutely amazing, but I can't tell if there are any real bangers on this EP. Solid release, bonkers songs just as I would have expected form these cats, just no banger, which is fine. Every song can't be "Memphis Shall Be Laid To Waste", you know.

One time I was working an art show at The Northern, and it was a Sunday or something and I was by myself like all day. They had this little stereo there and I would normally just play my Ipod while I waited for my "shift" to be over, and I was listening to all the Toe songs I have when this older couple comes in to look at the art and stuff, and the lady comes over and starts asking me all these questions about the music I was playing and stuff. It was wild. She was hella down, and I ended up explaining to her how to download music on the internet. Felt good, mans.

Anyways, check out the EP, and if you like it buy it. I think it was put out by Top Shelf. Wild, huh? Toe is the business, I don't know what they are doing as far as tours go but lets all pray that they come to our closest metropolitan area. Word.


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