Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Funeral Sounds Records Winter Sampler

Two kids I know via the internet run this label / review site called Funeral Sounds. Once I started doing shit again one of the little dudes sent me this sampler to "review", which I don't feel like doing because I would have to talk about each band. So I'll just say this: there are some pretty good songs on this release. I try not to be a dick on here and say negative things, so I'm not going to get into which tracks on here I think are "better" than others, but just know that this sampler has some cool tracks. There are acoustic jams, noodle jams, post hardcore jams, and that kind of stuff. Funeral Sounds put out their friends' records and stuff, which is legit. Check stuff out, give the little dudes money when you can so that they can, in turn, afford to put out more releases. Yet another low effort post brought to you by insomnia. Word.


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