Thursday, April 4, 2013

Broken Water

Broken Water are from Olympia. I never saw them play when I lived there but I wish I did. I always heard good things. They played my teachers wedding, I think. They are going to be going on tour pretty soon so please please go check them out, they rule. They are coming to the east coast, so I guess this is a US tour. I hope so.

Broken Water is a dark post-punk shoegaze band. I feel like they are big enough to be somewhat known to those individuals who are into this kind of music, but if you have never heard this band before check out their fancy video below to get a feel for their stuff. It's really cool, and they have alot of albums, which rules. I was able to find digis of everything except for the demo, which is on their bandcamp. Check it out, buy what you can, and just generally try to support them. They are super cool and if you are into shoegaze and stuff you will love this stuff. Word.


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