Thursday, April 4, 2013

Margy Pepper

Margy Pepper are another band from Olympia that I first heard of from a buddy of mine who lives in San Francisco. It was always weird when people from not Olympia would tell me about cool bands in Olympia. Reinforced the notion that I was a fucking hermit.

Margy Pepper is a fucking awesome pop rock band. I guess its pop rock. Its lo-fi kind of, and sometimes dark, but always fucking awesome. I love the way the records sound. The songs are all so dope. You guys seriously need to listen to this shit because it is everyone's dream band. Seriously though. I don't know what constitutes Riot Grrrl stuff, but this band seems to be pretty on point. Go find some of their tapes and records and buy them, because this band deserves your money. Keep an eye out for them and support them in every way that you can. Below is everything of their that I could find, aka what was on their bandcamp. Check it out, download it, and enjoy it. It is so fucking good. Word.


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