Monday, April 8, 2013

NAH & 1994!

I just got an email from Mike which contained two new releases from his projects. He lives in Belgium now (lucky) and that's where the NAH album was recorded.

The first new thingy he showed me was NAH's new release, entitled "Difficult". This album is way less hip hop beats and more weird stuff. It isn't too far out there or anything, but its like semi crazy drumming over somewhat spacey tunes. This stuff sounds almost like club music, if you know what I mean. Maybe its just the quality of the drums, but it totally sounds like it was recorded in a huge room. I also just found one other album of his that I didn't have, called "OTHER", that I threw down there as well. There is also some thing called "Special Reality Mixtapes" which looks like it is an ever expanding collection of loops and stuff that will be updated at random. I'm not going to download it and put it below because the list will be changing, but I will obviously provide the link so you guys can be up to date on that kind of stuff.

The other thing that Mike sent me was a link to a new 1994! record, poetically titled "Fuck It". This is what was written about the album on the bandcamp:
 This album was recorded during the tail end of January 2013 in London, Manchester, Sheffield, and Brussels. We recorded it ourselves using an iphone and a shitty, knock off sm58. It is intended to work as one piece of music, not as separate tracks. There are no plans for a physical release as of yet. Thank you for listening. 
 So yeah, still sounds like 1994! just lower quality. Still sounds fucking dope, just obviously intentionally lo-fi.

Okay so yeah, check out everything below, give them money, and yeah. Good dudes, so support them if for some reason you don't already. Word.


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