Monday, April 1, 2013


Amalthea are a Swedish multi-faceted band that has been around for almost ten fucking years. They progressed from post-hardcore and emo all the way to post rock. It is really fucking dope to listen to their catalog the whole way through and listen to how much they have changed and grown up. I read somewhere that they record and engineer all of their own stuff, which is so cool. I wish more bands did that.

I feel like alot of people already know about this band, either because they have done splits with really cool bands, or because they are affiliated with really great record labels. They have always been one of those bands that I knew was dope as shit, and would listen to here and there, but never really bumped. But then I was listening to Connections the other day and was caught off guard because I though that Amalthea was post-rock, because I had been listening to their newer stuff via Moment of Collapse. So I went back and listened to their catalog then started to read about them and yeah, I'm super fucking into it. You should be too. Below is, I think, all of their stuff. Check it out. Please please please buy stuff from the band and support them because they are so fucking legit and will put your money to good use making more awesome music and going on tour and stuff. I can't stress enough how awesome the things that they are doing are. So yeah, be a homie. Word.



Julien le Naufragé said...

Hey nice to see my photo of the band here, but could credit it? Julien from

Direct link to the gallery :

All the best with the blog and keep on going on!

CHUG LIFE said...

i credited you

Rajib Hossain said...

Wow,wow,wow...these rooms are fabulous!!
Stone Split Face

Erik said...

Hey dude, thanks for the nice words :)
i dunno why i walked in here on this site, i was googling for a review our label tipped us about, hehe.

Also i can confirm one thing for you, we do record everything and mix ourselves :D
seeing both me and simon are sound engineers it makes sense.

working hard on a too long running project of completing the new album, which i hope you will like.

We still have some old stuff and new if anyone is interested, just contcat any of us :)


Erik from Amalthea