Monday, May 14, 2012


Alta is a post-hardcore/ screamy band from Milwaukee. I saw them once at The Borg Ward when we played there on the 4247 tour (Willy B showed up for that joint too). They were cool, sounded kind of like Native instrumentation with vocals that almost sounded like Sohns. I listened to their recordings recently and they don't really sound like how I remembered, but my memory fails me quite a bit. Their shit is real good though, I dig it. I talked to one of the dudes from Alta a few times and he is really nice. And enthusiastic. About everything.

Alta has three releases, kind of. They have an EP, a split with Arizona Wilder, and are featured on a compilation. This summer Alta and Arizona Wilder are going on tour together (hence the split) and you can find the dates here. Homie gave me all of Alta's material, so it's all below. I was only given Alta's material though, for both the split and the comp. Check it below, support the band if you like it. Word.



Alden said...

a rad band

We love drugs and stuff said...

Is the song from the video a song that will be coming on the new stuff? I didnt hear that song on the split, EP or the comp track