Friday, May 4, 2012

Locktender / Cassilis Split

Yo, motherfucking Locktender and Cassilis are doing a split, and this banger is gonna be out in june on 7 inch. Bear Records is throwing this joint on wax for us in the United States, whilst I.Corrupt is gonna be doing it in Europe. Pretty sure Locktender is going to Europe this summer, so I'm assuming they are gonna have this piece of gold for that tour. On a side note, kind of, The Ghost Is Clear records is going to be putting out the Locktender split with Brighter Arrows, but homeboy needs some cash to press it. So do everyone in the world a favor and buy stuff from TGIC so they get that ca$h (or CA£H). This split (LT/C) is fucking awesome. So good. If you got that other Locktender post a while back then you already heard the Lock songs, but now you get some banging ass Cassilis tracks. I.Corrupt just sent me these songs so I want to get the word out. Please buy this release after downloading, all the bands involved are fucking awesome and the labels are the shit. You can email I.Corrupt at to get a preorder, and I would imagine you can get ahold of Bear to get a copy too.Mother Fucking Word.


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