Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Compilations

Hey. So, I heard about two compilations this week. Both are really cool and involve cool dudes. One is a record labels sampler and the other is a large group of friends from a common area who contributed mostly new tracks in order to show how cool they are. Both are respectable endevours.

The Pathfinder Records thing has alot of bands from the midwest, I think. Kali Sound is obviously all Kalifornia bands. The tracklists for each release is as follows:

Pathfinder Records Summer 2012
1. Restore- The Lincoln Rail
2. Droughts- Body of Glass
3. Ted Striker- Medicine 
4. Brighter Arrows- Entirety
5. William Bonney- Robbie Hanson
6. A Sound Heart- My Mother's Quilt
7. Vowel- If Wishes Were Coins
8. Things Fall Apart- Virginia Woolf
9. Old Gray- Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth
10. Night Owls- Dearly
11. Sinatra- I Had Three Or A Lot Of Beers
12. Climates- Waiting To Exhale
13. Cardinal- Underneath My Skin
14. Kid Valiant- Unrest
15. Roenick- Patience
16. Knuckle Puck- Stuck
17. Real Friends- Home For Fall
18. Three Cent Cinema- Resistance 
19. Bitter Thoughts- Solitary
20. Valiant- Dead To Me
21. Cave Bear- Waistland
22. Barrier- Victim

Kali Mixtape Vol. 1
1. REDxYellow - The Birth of Kali
2. Ruptures - Circles
3. John Cota - Pod People
4. Ten Thousand Leagues - Bad Seed Complex
5. Calculator - Gasping, but Somehow Still Alive
6. Heist - Temporary Lapse
7. Residuals - Sleep
8. Comadre - Free Based
9. C////O - Capture Bonding
10. Summer Vacation - Lil' Slippy
11. Leer - House Music Master
12. Great Apes - Paper Cage
13. Dad Punchers - Tire Swing
14. Beach Bummed - Pocket Sand
15. Matsuri - Bagchairs
16. Megan & Amelia - Bliss
17. Di Bravura - Ocean City, MD
18. Tigon - The Archivist

So yea dudes and she-dudes, peep the releases below and support the groups if you can. The Pathfinder thing will obviously benefit Pathfinder Records, so that they can put out more stuff. The Kali thing will , I guess, pay for it to be put out on something physical. I don't know but that seems par for the course. I heard from one of the Kali board members that they are going to do another compilation with bands that arn't from California but embrace "what it means to be Kali", so stay on the look out for that. Should be a good time. Word.


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Jared Spencer said...

Emotion, strong strong emotion.

Loving the compilations you've been posting lately! Keep it up bud.