Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Kids

Big Kids are a band from Oakland. I don't normally use the word "rad", but is seems to be synonymous with Big Kids, so yeah. I got the chance to see them last year, I think, in Olympia when they toured with Algernon. Shit was dope. And they were really nice too.

I don't really feel like getting into their sound because I would imagine you, the reader, are well aware of this band. I posted their split with Joyce Manor before. The reason I am posting BK is because I had my itunes on shuffle and when one of their LP songs came on my room-mates lil kitty cat came up and laid on the keyboard, just chillin and purrin'. Once the songs was over she promptly pressed mystery buttons that turned off my mousepad thingy. Figured it was a sign or something. To further drive my point home, when I started mediafiring stuff and playing more BK, sure enough, cat came on back and sat on my lap. She has since migrated and is uncomfortably resting behind my head. I feel like I'm on a bus.

Download their stuff below. You can buy their stuff from a multitude of labels and websites, so get on that shit. They are a dope band and you should support them. RAD. Word.


Alternativ Newcomers 2012 Compilation Part 1 & 2

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squareback said...

their songs translate so well live. seriously, if they're playing near you, drop everything to see 'em.