Sunday, March 7, 2010

City of Caterpillar

City of Caterpillar was a hardcore/punk band from Richmond, Virginia that broke up in 2003. Their sound varies to a certain degree, but they commonly have dramatic buildups and driving melodies. Post-rock was obviously an influence on the bands song structure. The band shares/shared members with Pg.99, Stop It!!, Malady, Darkest Hour and Ghastly City Sleep.
This post was originally going to be on the first on this blog, but it took me up until a few days ago to find their split with System 2600, and for that I thank The Screamo Dictionary. Below is everything they ever put out, including unreleased tracks and live sets. The video is from the University of Deleware.



Demo + Live Recording

City Of Caterpillar

A Split Personality (Split with Pg. 99)

Self Titled B-Side
Split with System 2600 (City of Caterpillar tracks only)
Unreleased Live Tracks
Live in Ottawa
Live on WNYU


sean said...

oh man, i didn't even know some of this stuff existed, thanks for the post dudes! their s/t is probably one of my favorite records.

andy (opfu) said...

I am so glad that you put this up!

BK said...

WOW, this is fantastic. Had no idea most of this existed!

Bil said...

you sure some of those tracks on the system 2600 split are COC? can someone confirm/deny this?

Anonymous said...

Bil, it is to my knowledge that two of the tracks are by City of Caterpillar, while the other two are by system 2600. Dunno why the blog has it labeled as 'CoC tracks only'. Oh well.