Saturday, March 6, 2010

Touring Bands- March

Go outside.


Pianos Become the Teeth are going on a full U.S tour.
We Were Skeletons is doing a full U.S tour to promote their self titled lp, guess what label is putting it out.
June Paik and Battle of Wolf 359 are coming to the states, I imagine they are doing so to promote the split that will be out by then.
The Usual and Migrations are doing a small tour from Maryland to New York.
Merchant Ships put up dates for a southern tour in addition to their east coast tour.
Calculator is going to do the full U.S.
Pansori is touring the east coast and the mid west.
Native is going down south.
Touché Amoré is going south and coming east
Trainwreck is doing some small tours in europe.
Beau Navire is jumping on the Antilles California dates.
Ruiner is doing U.S and the Pacific Islands
The Lost Tourists are doing a full U.S tour.
миша is doing a U.S tour, and were doing our California dates with Ordstro.

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BIG KIDS said...

Big Kids is going to be touring the west coast with Edhochuli... Big Kids consists of half of Spires. Check it out.