Monday, March 1, 2010

Portraits of Past

Portraits of Past is a screamo band from San Francisco who had their first run from '95 to '96. They got "big" after they broke up, and then around '08 they started playing again and shit. They went to Japan in 2009 and released an EP called "Cypress Dust Witch". These dudes went on to form, amongst other bands, Funeral Diner and ...Who Calls So Loud. Fuck Yeah.
They did a split, a demo, two comps & an Lp, all of which were compiled and made into a discography cd that was put out by Ebullition Records. "Cypress Dust Witch" was put out by Excursions Into The Abyss. Below is all their shit and a video from a 2008 show in Berkeley, CA.



Cypress Dust Witch


Dank Tunezzz said...

Track 3 on Cyprus is corrupted and won't extract. Just lettin you know

CHUG LIFE said...

fix'd. hope it works

Henry said...

Probably my favorite "screamo" band ever.