Monday, November 3, 2008

Suis La Lune Pt. 2/Heir 10" Leak


This just made it's way onto the internet and thought Suis La Lune fans may be interested to hear their newest output. I will eventually be posting the other Suis La Lune releases on this blog. In case you missed my last Suis La Lune post, check it out here.

Order this shit off Suis La Lune's myspace and check them out when they tour the U.S. this March.

* * *


Heir 10" (2008)


the apoplexic man said...


I've been waiting to get a hold of this!

I trust you're going to see them with Age16? Can you say: MERCH!!

CHUG LIFE said...

well the age sixteen show is in jersey. but i will probably be playing with them when they come to d.c!!!! i am stoked for it! plus they have a baltimore date.

Chad said...

yo dude! This is Chad. I play guitar in pianos. keep up the good work. chug life rules.

Airbear said...

yo dude! This is Aaron. I play guitar in Fuck, Wolves. keep up the good work. chug life rules