Thursday, November 13, 2008



Ok. Sailboats is one of those bands that existed for a very short amount of time, had an extremely small number of releases (try one demo, two songs), and is surrounded by this sort of enigmatic fog. In this post I am going to try and clear up some of that enigmatic fog.

The official Sailboats myspace states the following: two of sailboats died in a carcrash the other dudes are in loma prieta now our demo has two not four songs were not a christian band the "lost" record is not available for press

Yes, it's true that members of Loma Prieta were in Sailboats. Yes, it's true that the four song version of the demo that floats around the internet features two bizarre anonymous techno-esque songs for some reason. Yes, it's true Sailboats is not a Christian band, and there supposedly is a "lost record" - an EP apparently that will never be pressed, according to the band.

As for the car crash, that is where we have to speculate. When my band played a show with L'antietam this summer, I was talking to Derek (guitar/vocals) later that night at a party about music and Sailboats came up. He informed me that there was in fact no car crash and that the dudes from Sailboats were just kind of playing a practical joke and that they got a real kick out of the fact that everyone believes it. Now, before I get comments saying, "well how does he know?" etc etc etc I would say, "He knows because he is friends with Loma Prieta." (They're going on tour this January and releasing a split so check that shit out!)

Now, onto the music. Soundwise, Sailboats is really sort of similar to Loma Prieta except that Sailboats is just way more fucking brutal. Where Loma Prieta is sometimes more interested in the noodly guitar lines and disarming clean parts, Sailboats is more interested in simply ripping your fucking face off. These two songs have become a sort of cult classic for a reason, so download them!

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Cody said...

It's actually rumored of a reunion for these guys. I'm not holding my breath, but that would be fantastic. Until then I'll just stick with Loma prieta.

Good post.

CHUG LIFE said...

loma prieta will actually play "behind trees" live if requested, apparently. a reunion would be awesome. and a release of that "long lost ep" would be nice too.

Cody said...

haha a release of that EP would be nice.