Saturday, November 1, 2008

Outclassed Pt. 2/Barclay House 10/26/08


Last Saturday a bunch of friends and I packed into two cars and headed over to the Barclay house in Baltimore to see Outclassed, Army of Kashyyyk, and 1994. I was definitely stoked as fuck on the lineup because I love all those bands and hadn't gotten the chance to catch 1994 live yet.

I missed the first band but caught the second band and was really pleasantly surprised. Jonesin' plays really hooky pop/punk type stuff that fans of bands like Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker would really enjoy. They were on their way to The Fest in Gainesville. (I wish I was going! Check out the fucking lineup!) I picked up a 7" of theirs, featuring two songs you can hear by checking out their myspace. Outclassed played next, and really put on a great show. It seems like this time when I saw them everyone in the audience was a little more subdued and less drunk, but the singalong at the end of "Missing Teeth" was still epic nonetheless. 1994 was great as well. The drummer puked halfway through the set right next to his drum kit, but the guitarist assured us that "he always does that". Unfortunately I didn't have enough money to pick up their new album that just came out on Inkblot but I'm sure I will see them again so keep an eye out for it on the blog. Army of Kashyyyk played last as usual and destroyed. I just love their sound and the screamer has a great voice.

But enough babbling, let's get to the music. I got Outclassed's old CD which I missed out on last time I saw them due to a lack of funds. I have uploaded that along with their split with A Voice Like Rhetoric. The split features a slightly more refined version of "Do You Always Talk Like You Have Caviar In Your Mouth?" and is definitely worth the two seconds it takes to download. They also had copies of their 2008 EP which the Asian bassist told me were remastered and he threw it in for free. I thought it sounded pretty great the first time they released it, and when I stuck this in the CD player I seriously couldn't note any real difference between the first and second versions of the album, but I uploaded it anyway just in case anyone was interested or missed out on my first Outclassed post.

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My Friend, My Brother, We Were So Strong Together

A Voice Like Rhetoric Split

2008 EP (Remastered)

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