Monday, November 10, 2008



I was talking to my friend Reid today about how we each sort of discovered, well, for lack of a better term, "good" punk rock and DIY music, and I mentioned Mineral. Back when I was just a naive young lad listening to bands we won't mention on this blog, I somehow stumbled across Mineral. Along with bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral kind of kicked open a new door for me. I was immediately grabbed by everything that makes Mineral so amazing - the raw yet beautiful guitar lines, the wonderful compliment of the rhythm section, and perhaps most immediately by the unrestrained emotion contained in Chris Simpson's voice. He croons, shouts, and occasionally misses a note, but that's what makes Mineral all the more real and exciting when you listen to them.

From the gritty, under produced sound of "The Power of Failing" to the more streamlined, patient arrangements of "EndSerenading", Mineral's lasting power lies in their inevitable ability to crush you, every single time, at any given point, in every single song. I think my favorite Mineral release ever is still the "February" EP, however. The two songs contained on that 7" contain some of the most emotionally gut-wrenching tracks ever put to tape. The pedal solo (pedal solo you ask? shut up and download!) at the end of "February" still never fails to make me completely still and send chills up my spine.

Below I have compiled all their output. If you've never heard Mineral, do yourself a favor.

P.S. A quick note about "Three Times as Shy" - it's so lo-fi it's pretty much unlistenable, and it's been floating around the internet as a Mineral b-side ever since I began listening to them. Honestly, I can't tell whether or not it's Mineral. I don't really know. I've never heard any dialogue about it. I have uploaded it solely for any diehard fans who may have an interest.

P.S.S. "Love My Way" was also on the "Fer Sure" Compilation, but I thought'd it be silly to up it twice. Just download the 7" version. Same goes for the Gloria/Parking Lot 7". But I like the artwork so here's that:


Here's a video of that timeless classic, "Gloria".

* * *


The Power of Failing (1995)


Mineral/Jimmy Eat World/Sense Field Split (1997?)


February 7" (1997?)


(Don't Forget To) Breathe (1998)


"Sadder Star" - First Crush Compilation (1998)


&Serenading 7" (1998)


EndSerenading (1998)

Three Times As Shy


girlghost said...

oh shit

Paul said...

You say thew gloria 7" is the same recording as the power of failing? or jsut really lo-fi? Either way i'd appredciate a cheeky bit of mediafire action on that release!

Anonymous said...

I adore you for these even though I have both their albums on original CDs.

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