Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Were Skeletons / мища Split

This has already leaked here and there, but I figured it would be cool to do a post about this split myself. I don't know if the pre-orders have been sent out yet, but the release show was on March 26th in Baltimore. Aside from the two bands on the split, The Blue Letter, Dawn Treader, Pyramids, and Pansori played. All of the bands were awesome. There are some pictures from the show floating around facebook, but I have yet to see any videos. Both bands are three piece screamo groups. We Were Skeletons incorporates hardcore elements that make them sound like Off Minor and stuff like that. They are from Lancaster, Pa.I feel weird tlaking about мища's music because I play in that band, but we play violent and grindy screamo music. For the most part мища is from Baltimore, MD.

I don't know which side is the A side and which is the B, but lets just call the WWS side the A side. Their first song, "Wolves", is short and aggressive. The second song, "The Ghost of Jean Glam", is fucking heavy as shit. How many of these guitar tracks are just feedback? These songs are their best work yet (I haven't listened to the songs from the Saddest Landscape split, although I hear its floating around somewhere. I'm sure those are amazing as well).

Our side (мища's) stars with the song "A Mid Winter Night's Dream". We had a video of this song from the day we wrote it and I'm pretty sure it was "Girls Don't Buy Weed They Just Smoke It". Title didn't stick. Anyways, this song was the one that Dawn Treader jumped in on at the end. Its heavy. The second song is "...At Least We Got Capri Suns". Fun fact: The title is a reference to our short stay in Sierra Blanca's immigration holding cells. This song is straight rockabilly.

Mike York from Pianos Become the Teeth recorded all of the songs, and he also mastered ours. I don't know if he mastered We Were Skeleton's. Ben Sears did the art for the split, he has a pretty boss tumblr or whatever with pictures he drew. You can snag the 7-inch from Top Shelf or Black With Sap. If you do, you can help both labels be able to put out more releases. Womp Womp. I had to use megaupload because my internet hates me again. Sorry.


We Were Skeletons & мища Split

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