Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Verse En Coma

Verse En Coma was a short lived band from Virginia, I guess. They are part of the extensive Pg. 99 family and only have one release as of now. Their page says all that you need to know:
VERSE EN COMA was formed by the songwriting backbone of MALADY (Jeff Kane, Kevin Longendyke, Jonathan Moore) and joined by Darkest Hour/City of Caterpillar drummer (Ryan Parrish) and multi-talented vocalist Brian Markham. Most of the songs were written towards the end of Malady but re-vamped and enhanced with the joining of Parrish and Markham to the group. The results are an impressive and varied recording, which was engineered and executed by the band themselves over a several-year period.

Somewhere between the present day and unfortunate endings of Pg.99, City of Caterpillar and Malady, a “lost” recording was created but shelved for several years. Five dynamic tracks that collided with both artistic and industry red tape comprise the VERSE EN COMA debut release, “Rialto“. Finally though the dust has settled, the hurdles have all been jumped and “Rialto” will finally see the light of day as a dual-format 10″+CD release through Robotic Empire.

I couldnt find a video of a live performance, which sucks. I've been listening to this album really hard these past few weeks. I snagged it off some other blog, I forget which one though. Anyways, snag this, then snag that shit from Robotic Empire. Word


Rialto EP


valerio stivé said...

I guess it's because they never played live, but I dont remember the exact story...

Anonymous said...

Yea, they never played a live show man. In fact, if I remember right, the singer never even met the rest of the band or something like that.

I think Robotic Obscurities ( a little bit more about it in detail in one of their posts.