Saturday, April 9, 2011


A while ago I posted this bands split with The Usual, and now they have recorded a four song Ep called "A Little Note To Say Hello". I was pretty stoked when the band sent me this release because it had been too long, in my opinion, since they produced any new recorded material. I assume the line up has stayed the same since the split mentioned above. Migrations is a three piece instrumental group from Hagerstown, MD.

"A Little Note" is darker than their previous material. Still somewhat atmospheric, the band tends to stay rather conservative in their song structure, creating steady progressions and solid melodies throughout all the songs. Imagine a chilled out Red Sparrows. I am glad that people are still making this kind of music. Also, any record that uses a sound clip from "There Will Be Blood" is worth listening to at least once. Download the E.P below and support the band in any way you can. You will not be disappointed.


A Little Note To Say Hello

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