Monday, April 11, 2011

Voyage In Coma

Voyage In Coma is a relatively new band from Baltimore and Washington, DC, respectively. Three of the dudes live in the greater College Park area, one live in Baltimore and I have no idea where the fifth lives. I assume there are five people in the band. The members of this group were in An Aria, Lonely Are The Brave, and The Lost Tourists. At one point in time the bassist from Age Sixteen was playing with VIC, but that has come to pass.

We played a show with this band January at Charm City Art Space but got there just as Voyage was ending. I had no idea who the band was at the time but heard some of what was going on from the sidewalk out front and was into. When we went inside I was stoked to see Steve, Billy and Henry and instantly got bummed about missing their set. If you have not heard of these dudes other bands, you should check them out. If Steve or Henry send me material I'm going to post it on here. It's dope.

Voyage In Coma is a really epic post-hardcore band, with guitar work that reminds me of earlier Pianos Become The Teeth. I was really surprised at how good their recordings turned out, and at how good the songs were in general. I normally don't get down with this kind of music too hard but I have been listening to at least half this album daily since I got it (Thanks for helping me with downloading shit Reid).

Voyage In Coma is going on a pretty short tour sometime in June I think, going up to Boston and then out to the Midwest. If you like this band please please please get ahold of them and help them book their tour. I don't know when it is/was, but Voyage is booked on some Senses Fail show sponsored by Etnies. Rock & Roll.
Below is their new album and an older one that I literally just found and downloaded (haven't listened to it yet but I'm sure its good), DOWNLOAD IT AND THEN BUY IT. Krasner is now playing bass in this group, in case you were wondering.


You Appear Alongside Me



Anonymous said...

since all the comments were mysteriously deleted, I guess I'll sum it up. Ryan, the bassist of Voyage in Coma is a scumbag. He has sex with underage girls, cheats on his girlfriend, and keeps child porn on his computers. this says nothing about their music, which rules, but think twice before you spend money on their merch, because some of it will be going to this asshole

Anonymous said...

you're right. that's why they kicked him out i guess.

Anonymous said...

met these dudes last night, happily the gross dude wasn't with them, obviously. great guys, great live show.