Saturday, April 16, 2011

Megan & Amelia

Megan & Amelia is the solo project of Ryan Fleischer, bassist of Matsuri and DEERS!(rip). The Demo below, which I believe is all the recorded material that exists, is only two songs. The first song, "Son", is a short somber melody which incorporates a whistle in the vein of Andrew Bird. The second song, "Vai Vai", is a longer electric song that uses ambient background sounds and a tambourine. The whole demo clocks in at just under ten minutes, but over 80% of that is "Vai Vai".

If I had to compare Megan & Amelia to any other artists I would have that it sounds like a suicide letter written by Owen and Iron and Wine. Although the songs are not sad songs (i.e, he isn't crying or anything) you still get the overwhelming feeling of sorrow when you listen to Ryan sing. I don't know if this is what he was going for, but its what came out. I don't talk to him alot, but I hope that Ryan continues forward with this project and can put out a more proper release in the future. Below is the two song demo, and although I have no proper contact info for him I'm sure that if you wish to get ahold of him you can figure it out.


Megan & Amelia Demo

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