Monday, January 18, 2010

Minus The Bear

Minus The Bear is a Seattle based indie super group whose members hail from such bands as Botch and Sharks Keep Moving. Their sound has evolved dramatically over the years, but the most notable change occurs between "They Make Beer Commercials Like This" and "Menos El Oso". The band started out as an almost post-hardcore band, incorporating math rock elements and synth-heavy instrumental moments. This style reached its peak in "Highly Refined Pirates", followed by a more energetic EP called "They Make Beer Commercials Like This". "Menos El Oso" was an interesting album because Dave Knudson started to incorporate more guitar effects in to songs and the bands overall style became more relaxed.

After "Menos El Oso" keyboardist Matt Bayles left the band and Alex Rose, who was MTB's sound engineer, took his place (I believe Bayles had a hand in the production of Planet of Ice but don't quote me). In 2007 the band released their most "mature" album, "Planet of Ice", which is very chilled & groovey as well as very well produced. It is important to note that Knudson's guitar playing has now shifted from primarily tapping to relying heavily on pedal work. This album reminds me of Sharks Keep Moving just because it seems to be more of a studio album than their previous releases. I've heard this LP be compared to lounge music; I get it but I don't really agree.

After Planet of Ice they released an acoustic album containing one original track and six acoustic versions of older songs. They recently released an Ep that is some sort of sampler/teaser for their upcoming full length. Although the bands music may change, Jake Snyder still only sings about either girls or getting fucked up, although Europe comes up every once in a while.

I have their discography below EXCEPT FOR the tracks "Houston We Have Uh-Oh" & "Cat Calls and Ill Means" and the split with City on Film. When I get them I will post them. Here is an older video of them playing "Lemurs man, Lemurs".




Bands Like It When You Yell "Yar" At Them

Daytrotter Session

Highly Refined Pirates

Interpretaciones Del Oso (Remix of Menos El Oso)

Into The Mirror

Menos El Oso

Planet of Ice & Planet of Ice Bonus CD

They Make Beer Commercials Like This

This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic


Anonymous said...

very nice review of MTB, i agree with almost every word you said

Jenn Aguinaldo said...

I'm so stoked for the Minus the Bear and INVSN tour! They even did an interview of each other, haha.