Sunday, January 24, 2010

Merchant Ships

I made some new friends recently. They are called Merchant Ships. They live in Indiana and play music that sounds more like something out of Pennsylvania. They broke up or something, but now they are back together and going on tour in June. I read their tumblr a minute ago (first time I've ever tumbl'd) and they have shirts and a discography cd, Shipsography, available here. The discography is everything they did from mid '08 to early '10. The downside is that these guys aren't playing shows until April because they are writing a new fell length.

This video is a taste of whats below:

Ps. Are you happy now Cheese?


NOTE: Tracks 1-3 are not missing; I asked the band and they told me that those three songs were off a demo which they no longer like, so they left the songs out of the discography.


thiob said...

Songs 1 to 3 are missing. Could you plz re-up this release?

CHUG LIFE said...

there are no songs 1-3. its like that on purpose.

andy (opfu) said...

I am really impressed with the quality of the new recordings btw. It isn't over produced, me enjoy.

Noratendo said...

Awesome band ! you should listen to the song: old grey :*