Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hassan I Sabbah

Hassan I Sabbah was one of sickest skramz bands around in the early 2000's. The band was made up of members from a bunch of bands that I have never heard of before (Force Fed Glass, Puritan, Prevail, Rinse) as well as Unearth and Otesanek.

The band released, according to, two demos, an lp, a split with Usurp Synapse, and were on a few compilations. Hassan's myspace had a link to a discography, but it did not include the track from the Relics of Ordinary Life compilation. I have all of their stuff and made my own 14 song discography.

Heres a video of the song "Worm".





Anonymous said...

As one person had said, they woulda been the Minor Threat of the 2000s had they kept chugging along. Their LP was just insane. The second Untitled song was the embodiment of perfection.

Anonymous said...

plz, reup dude<3