Monday, July 6, 2009

Sharks Keep Moving

Sharks Keep Moving was an indie band in the Seattle Aea in the 90s. Their sound is constantly being compared to Minus The Bear, due in part to the fact that Jake Snider sings in both bands. The best way i can describe their sound is this: Sharks Keep Moving is to Minus The Bear what The One Up Downstairs is to American Football. Sharks had a pretty mellow sound, sometimes getting pretty spacey and jazzy. Their songs vary in length, ranging from two minutes to fourteen minutes. Sharks Keep Moving had one split, one LP, two EPs, and were featured on three compilations. I have had their music for years, but could not find the split or compilation songs, until last night, when my man Cheese hooked it up with some music database. Thank you kind sir. As for the split and compilations, I only have the Sharks songs, sorry guys.

If you just download one album, please make it Desert Strings and Drifters, just so you can hear the song Cashmere, Washington. The chorus haunts my thoughts. I was lucky enough to snag this on vinyl in Cambridge, MA at Newburry Comics, and let me tell you, it sounds amazing.

The members of Sharks Keep Moving went on to play in such bands as Minus The Bear, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Kill Sadie, Onalaska, The Blood Brothers, and Jaguar Love.

Heres the Video for the song "Logger", its just a slideshow with the music behind it, but its the best song that is on youtube, seeing as SKM dosn't have any live videos. The only downside of being a band before like 2002.

Buck buck, tour was fun.


Pause and Clause

Sharks Keep Moving

Desert Strings and Drifters

Compilations and a Split


Justin Marc Lloyd said...

you are totally forgetting the fact that the dudes in sharks keep moving used to be called state route 522 before they broke up and reformed. that band was fucking amazing! i will upload their shit when i can find my fucking cd that i bought years ago. excursion put it out, thats all i remember. i think it was called a retrospective, too.

chug said...

ive never listened to route 522 but i did know that sharks was a bi-product so to speak. upload and send plz

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the comp tracks and the split 7". Stoked to hear that State Rt. 522 CD.

Arthur Rambo said...

I've got State Route 522 posted on my blog, I was going to upload Sharks Keep Moving next until I found this blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the split/comps chief - they're the only ones you can't seem to buy anywhere

Unknown said...

Hello, sorry to be a bother but I was wondering if you could re-up the Sharks Keep Moving comp tracks, as the link has expired? I would be very grateful!

Anonymous said...

can you reup the compilations and split? can't find anywhere else, thanks!

tragicand said...

wow, skm seem quite good. i've never heard of them before. further research required... :)

Mikhael said...

if you would be so kind as to fix the links or reupload these, i would be very grateful. thanks for considering it!