Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harrison Bergeron


Alright guys, here it is, Harrison Bergeron's demo. I know this is one that some people have been waiting on for a while. These guys recently played a reunion show which, unfortunately, I did not attend. For those of you not familiar with these guys, they were around from 2005-2006 and went on to form Street Smart Cyclist, Storm the Bastille, and Boy Problems, three incredibly good bands. These guys pretty much stand up just as well as any of those other bands, although you can tell they were a bit younger when they wrote these songs. Nonetheless, "Like Lightning Six Billion Strong" and "Darkness Washed Over the Dude" (awesome song title by the way) is some of the most epic shit I've ever heard. Really explosive guitar riffs and intricate drumming, with intense screamed vocals and melodic gang back ups. Check it the fuck out.

I'm pretty sure they released a tape at their reunion show limited to 100, but have no idea if it sold out or where to buy one. Try the band's myspace or their other project's myspaces.

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Dead Bergeron

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Guano said...

Could you please give the numbered tracklist for this release. It would be appreciated. Thanks! Awesome band.