Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Dad

I'm listening to My Dad for the first time right now. Well, I mean, I'm like halfway through the album, and I listened to some rando tracks the other day, but I'm going through the whole thing for the first time right now. I can't sleep again.

I know two of the dudes in the band, Nnamdi and Dave. I met them both this summer on tour with Itto. Nnamdi plays drums in that band, and Dave came along for the Michigan shows. Shit was cool. Dave has a really dope stick and poke of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. Word, right? I looked up pictures of the band and the bassist looks super familiar to me, so I feel like I met him this summer but I can't remember and feel kinda dickish.

Anywho, this shit is dope. Its like post-math rock, if thats a thing. I mean its like there are kind of mathy parts here and there, but then there are spacey parts with verbed out guitar and shit. Its not a weird band, per ce, but it almost is. Its mathy enough to obviously be from Chicago, but not enough to be written off as just another math band. Same goes for the posty parts, and the chill parts too. They transcend genres, is what I am getting at. Oh, and they have two drummers, although I honestly couldn't tell until I looked at pictures.

Dave only gave me this one album, Stunts, so I'm guessing this is all they have out. Maybe there is more, but I can't find it, granted I didn't look really hard. On a side note I'm on a song right now where I can totally tell there are two drummers, and the bass riff is really heavy here too. But yeah, the dudes are going on a lil tour coming up, and then are doing another tour later on, so check that shit out if you like this band, which I generally hope you do. Dave is Chicago's hottest promoter right now, so if your band or whatever is trying to play in the windy city get at this band and he will hook it up. I guarantee it. I looked for a video but all I found was Rush and Luther Vandross, so I guess thats not too bad. Check out the homies, download the homies, support the homies. Swerp. Word.


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