Sunday, February 24, 2013

We Were Skeletons & Pianos Become The Teeth / Touche Amore

Hey everybody. So remember when I was like "I'm gonna get my life together and be an adult!"? Well, that shit did not happen. So now I've given up on that shit and I'm back at my parents house until something falls into my lap. Fuck it.

Anyways, I thought that I should get back into the swing of things and start Chugging again. And since I've already started drinking I'm going to put no effort into my first post in a hot minute by simply posting two albums that you probably have. If you don't have them, then you have heard them. Basically people who are into these bands already have this shit, but for those who don't, for whatever reason, here you go. I'll be putting effort into posts soon enough, but right now its a lil HEY YALL I WAS FOR REAL kind of thing.

The We Were Skeletons album, "Blame and Aging" is a post-punk departure from their previous screamo LP, and a natural progression from their four way split on Square of Opposition Records. Shit is cool, and I love the dudes so yeah, get into it if you haven't yet. Its chill.

The Painos / Touche Amore split sounds exactly like you would expect a split between these two bands to sound, honestly. There are kids who are SUPER into these bands so I'm not really expecting to turn anyone on to these bands, but I like Mike and stuff so when I was thinking about easy albums on my car ride to get coffee like twenty minutes ago I figured this would be up there. Buy it from Topshelf if you want to spend money on it.

So yeah, your favorite uncle is back. Cool, right?




thiob said...

WWS album is already unavailable from Mediafire ("Permission Denied."). You guys should upload stuffs on Rapidgator instead.

chug said...

i just tested it and it works, but ill use another cloud share thing

thiob said...

"Permission Denied" on the WWS record, still. Mediafire offers me to buy it on Amazon.
(However it does work w/ the PBTT/TA record.)