Tuesday, February 26, 2013

North Folk

Homies on deck, y'all. North Folk is what happens when mid west emo dogs move up to the great north west. A hot minute ago Jack from William Bonney / Merchant Ships fame moves up to Washington, and then sometime kind of recently homie moved to Olympia, right as I was leaving of course. Dude hooked up with my other dude Austin, who was in Sitka with me, and two other kids who I don't know and started this band. At first when I heard about it, and heard Jack was gonna sing and play guitar I was like "oh, okay cool" but then the other day Austin sent me the songs and I was like "oh, okay cool".

Except by "oh, okay cool" I mean this is the best band I have heard in like two years. Truth. If you don't agree you can suck my dick.

It is a perfect blend of mid west sound with mature emo music, I guess. I mean you have the noodle stuff here and there but it isnt the main focus of the instrumentation, and then you have the obligatory gang vocals and Austin has that one pop punk "Yeah". Jack sings, like use your pretty voice sing. Its nice. And obviously the lyrics are really good, because he is a modern poet. Like if Biggie was white as fuck and made pizza instead of crack.

 It never made sense to me that there weren't more emo bands in Olympia because its so gloomy and stuff, but whatever. I guess its because you can't cry and say hella, less you look like a fool. Anways, the homies are playing their first show Thursday I think, at Le Voyeur, so if you are in town go check that out. They have a blog I think, but its a tumbler and fuck that shit, find it on your own. Below is the demo, not the real artwork but I'm not too worried about it. Word.


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