Friday, February 4, 2011

Reversal Of Man & Combatwoundedveteran

Reversal of man and Combatwoundedveteran were two of the first emo-violence bands, respectively. They played abrasive hardcore that had grindy elements but were influenced by Charles Bronson and shit. Along with In/Humanity they were sort of the first batch of these types of bands, if you will. Both bands were from Florida and shared members. Both bands also only put out a few proper solo releases but were featured on a slew of compilations and splits, which were compiled together onto single releases later on. I really enjoy both of these bands alot, and I'm sure that a good portion of the people who read this blog do too, or are at least familiar with these bands. Seeing as this is a double post, which I only did it seemed silly to do a post on one today and then the other in like two days or something. While I'm thinking about both bands I might as well post both.

The Combatwoundedveteran lineup seemed to have been sort of like that of pg. 99, in the sense that it had the tendency to change up amongst the same basic group of people. The line up RoM seems to be more constant. Reversal of Man put out two Lp's, "This is Medicine" and "Revolution Summer", and Combat... only put out one entitled "I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos". Like I mentioned above, both bands have albums out that are made up of their more obscure releases: Combat's collection is called "This is Not an Erect, All-Red Neon Body" and Reversal has an album falsely called "Discography"- I found this list on some livejournal thread regarding the album:
The tracks are from the following records:
1 - from the "403 Chaos" comp cd
2 - from the "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" comp 7" on Witching Hour (does this song sound
like Orchid or what?)
3-8 - from the Puritan split 12" on King of the Monsters
9-10 - from the Enemy Soil split 7" on Fist Held High
11-16 - from the Holocron split 12" on Pleed
17-18 - from the Cease split 7" on Pleed/Blacksmith
19-22 - from the s/t 7" on Valrico
23 - from the "Placebo" comp 7" on Concurrent
24-27 - from the self released demo

The only thing not included in this collection is the song from "The Brave Do Not Fear The Grave". Both bands also did a split together, called "Electric Youth Crew". Below are a video for each band and the largest collection of their catalog that I could throw together. Cool. Word.


"Electric Youth Crew"
ROM/Combat split

-------REVERSAL OF MAN----------


Revolution Summer

This Is Medicine


I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos

This Is Not An Erect, All-Red Neon Body

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