Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adobe Homes & Beau Navire Split

So I'm at school right now, sitting in the computer lab waiting to go sleep through a movie about Japanese internment camps or something. I am using the high-speed internet to my advantage and getting about a week's worth of blog-trolling in, and I stumbled upon this gem over at Circling The Drain (tight blog, if you have never been there before). I have not gotten the chance to download this album yet, but I am 110% positive that is is fucking dope. The pre-orders should have been shipped I think (still waiting for my copy, RAMY) but this is the first time I have seen the rip online. I didn't want to wait until I got home to repost this, so below is some copy/pasta from CTR.
Finally, this split is almost out. Preorders will ship as soon as we receive our copies. One-sided 7" featuring one song from each band. "Eyelids" by Beau Navire and "I Don't Think I'm Glorybound, Bound, Bound" by Adobe Homes. Adobe Homes dabbles in a nifty group chant on this one and takes their chaotic sound up a notch. Beau Navire go a little heavier on "Eyelids." Still the same Beau Navire we know and love, only heavier. Did I mention it was a little bit heavier?
-Black With Sap Records' Webstore

BUY THIS RECORD AND SUPPORT MY FRIENDS. The labels and bands involved are great people and I am beyond stoked regarding this vinyl. Word.

(This is what I woke up to today)


Adobe Homes & Beau Navire Split

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