Wednesday, February 16, 2011

El Sueño del Ranchero

El Sueño del Ranchero was a short lived experimental-grind band from Mexico City, Mexico that existed for one year. That year was 2004. The band broke up right before they were going to record a five song ep, making this lone demo the extent of their recorded material. After El Sueño del Ranchero broke up, the members decided that they wanted to continue playing music together but wanted to go in a new direction. They changed their style of playing and adopted the name "Arse Moreira".

Think early Daughters. I'm talking the first seven inch and maybe Canada Songs. Although they are way more experimental, you can really hear a heavy Daughters influence, not to the point of a rip-off but it is obvious that they intended to make grindcore in the vein of "Flattery Is A Bunch Of Fucking Bullshit". When the band isn't fucking your day up with the crazy shreds they are spacing out with jazzy and Spanish breaks. "Green Hills" shifts at around the one minute marker from Shredcity to Groovetown, which only lasts a minute. Two minute marker ques the acid trip, and minute three shifts back to the chaos. Aparently when they played shit got real intense. Blood shed intense. I bet that Jorge went to their shows and cried. The bassist is now in Te Lloraría Un Puto Río.

The demo was actually released on Existencia Records from Spain and The Awesome Machine in Belgium. Please download this album because it is worth the 9 minutes. Word.




Jorge (Te lloraría un puto río...) said...

Arse Moreira or El sueño del ranchero were (Dez, Jav & Charley) I was so lucky to hear these guys live bunch of times playing their recent stuff at that time, but I'm positive not the songs from esdr. Remember a date at bulldog cafe... tight sound! indeed, they played some intense shit there. They liked to have other vocalists but I'm pretty sure most of the recordings are Jav on vocals (Both bands). I own that demo (red cardboard) once I read about a possible the ruin of belle vue 7", never recorded (years ago, makes me feel old). Also own that 7" inch (pink marble) and canada songs (red lp + cd + t-shirt?), daughters / as the sun sets changed my life. Heard the comparison before but I mean I know they have that influence. But if I had to name my top 1 in México I would honestly say (AM/ESDR), I'm glad they progress a lot; later stuff sounds like "Louise Cyphre (later stuff)" The bass player owns a LC tattoo. Charlei is one of my best friends, no joke. Dez is fucking insane (I want to smoke at your apartment!) and Jav, shit! (No words, he is mental) I apologize for my english. 420 | Robert Hansen, love.

Anonymous said...

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