Sunday, February 13, 2011


Jon/Dave” (for lack of a better name) consists of ex-Street Smart Cyclist, Harrison Bergeron members Jon and Dave Geeting. They are known for being handsome, living in Brooklyn, and sharing a brain. These recordings were leaked on August 26th, 2010 as a mysterious mediafire link on the Street Smart Cyclist Facebook page. According to Dave Geeting, they are “unfinished but were never going to see the light of day and that sucks. Picture this with bass and vocals!” All “Jon/Dave” songs were recorded in Jon’s basement (RIP Brooklyn Cat House) in Bushwick, NY with Tim Korn in April 2009.

My favorite thing coming out of the greater PA area right now. I heard they changed their name, or rather picked a name. I forget what it is/was but it had something to do with the mail. Is Ross (SSC/Snowing) in this band now? They played a show around Christmas and I was told Ross was going to play bass. I don't really know anything about this band. Dave Geeting told me about this band, in a round-about way, a long time ago at a Storm The Bastille show, where he described it as "Street Smart Cyclist on speed". That description is pretty accurate. Mathy-noodle instrumental jams, sounding somewhat all over the place but still solid as fuck. Both Jon and Dave are fucking amazing at their instruments, I hope they make more music and I can get my hands on it.




Anonymous said...

this shit is great! wish it had vocals =[

JARED said...

Dude this stuffs called US Male.