Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Adobe Homes

Adobe Homes is a skramzy band from New Mexico. They sound sort of like Innards, but a little more raw. A little bit of chaos and a little bit of late 90's/early 2000's drive. They do the fast Orchid-esque parts well, and have the almost sing-alongs in a good number of their songs. They were supposed to tour with Innards this winter but that didn't happen, something about not having a ride. They recently put out an LP with Bear Records. Is it even out yet? I don't know, but if it is you should buy it. If it isn't up then you should get that pre order. The new shit is hot, for real. They have an lp, a demo, and a split with Growing Pains, although I do not have the Growing Pains tracks. Sorry. They are doing/did a split with Beau Navire, which I think/hope will be ready soon. Act like I didn't get that glow in the dark pre-order. Prrrrrrr. Below are three of their albums and a video. When I get that Beau Navire split I will share it with my babies. Word.



'08 Demo

Songs from the Growing Pains Split

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aj said...

hey dude, i'm in adobe homes and i'm super stoked you found all of this.
tear it up and i love your blog.

also, the record is out and ready for order through Bear Records.

much love and support