Thursday, May 20, 2010


Remainder (formally C'est La Guerre) is a young screamo band from Boston and Providence who are creating quite a buss for themselves. Their music is heavily influenced by bands like Daitro and Raein (when I saw them in Cambridge they covered "Tigersuit"). Overall their songs are pretty good; its nothing flashy or off the wall, but its some good solid music. They just put out their first full length, which is available below, as well as their demo. They are also going to be putting out a split with Alessa and will be featured on a huge tape compilation called "The World is Vast". They are playing a shit ton of shows with some really good bands, so go check that out, and be sure to pick up a copy of "Set Aside Your Fears".



Set Aside Your Fears


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thiob said...

They just sent me a friend request on MySpace so I downloaded they last EP on Chug Life.
After I listened to their EP, I accepted their request.
This band sounds real great! I guess I'll listen to their record again anf again. And I'll wait for their next releases.