Friday, May 21, 2010

Funeral Diner

Funeral Diner was a screamo band that encompassed punk, melodic hardcore and emo music to create a legendary sound that has influenced a good number of your favorite bands. They were from the general San Francisco area and were active from '98 to '08. In their ten years as screamo royalty they put out like 20 releases and toured Japan, Europe and The United States. Amongst other bands, the dudes in Funeral Diner played/play in ...Who Calls So Loud, Takaru, Portraits of Past, and Nexus Six. Below is everything that they put out except for an album called "Three Sides Dead", which is a compilation of their songs on their splits with Staircase, The Shivering, and Nexus Six, as well as a compilation called "Inspiration From Forest". They also have a song on The Emo Apocolypse. Heres a live video of "My Fists Smell Like Graveyards".



Split with Ampere

Split with Staircase

Split with The Shivering

Split with Zann

4-Way Split with End on End, Under a Dying Sun, and Endzweck

Split with The Saddest Landscape

Split with Dead City

Split with Evylock

Split with Raein

Split with Welcome The Plague Year

Doors Open

3" Tour Demo

The Swept Under

The Wicked

The Underdark

...Is Dead

Difference of Potential

The World Of The Forms

I just Want to Feel This Way Forever


apoxonbothyourhouses said...

possibly the best screamo band ever.

this band and ENVY single-handedly got be back in to hardcore after years of throwing up my hands and yelling, "you guys are dumb!"

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, greatly appreciated. For anyone who doesn't wanna get them individually here's a .torrent file for all of them 192 kbps- 320 kbps[]2916897.torrent

FromTheSouthofGermany said...

...that's not only the best screamo band, that's the best band ever! Only to hear a short song like 'paper' from the 'Difference of Potential and it's nearly impossible not to feel the genius from this music...

valerio stivé said...

Could you reup? :)