Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Age Sixteen & Wren Lloyd Split

I just snagged this shit from Stoking The Roots. This split is from two of Baltimore's most popular acts, although Age Sixteen recently decided to call it quits. In case you have never heard of either of these bands, Age Sixteen was an Emo/Screamo band who had song structure similar to the European screamo bands that are becoming more popular, two of which being Suis La Lune and La Quiete, while Wren Lloyd (formally known as Odepius) is a grindcore outfit who play dirty music and put on extravagant live performances (wear a dress, get dick naked, that kinda thing). I have no idea what the track names are, except that the last song is a cover of Sunny Day Real Estate's "Seven". Overall the album is pretty cool: I like the Wren Lloyd songs more than the songs on their previous releases, but even though Age Sixteen's songs clearly show musical growth and is a testament to their song writing abilities, this is not my favorite release of theirs(not being a dick, but you can't really beat the demo, sorry). I'm sure you can pick up a copy from either of the bands' websites, and I hope that you do so. And for the record, no need to cry too hard over Age Sixteen's demise, there is a post A16 band in the works. Below is their split.



Age Sixteen Wren Lloyd Split

Heres is the track list:

1. Ergotism- Wren Lloyd
2. Radical Edward's Dream- Wren Lloyd
3. Purple Skeleton- Wren Lloyd
4. Clump Spirit- Wren Lloyd
5. Why Relive A Closed Chapter...- Age Sixteen
6. The Emperor- Age Sixteen
7. From The Top of My Heart- Age Sixteen
8. Seven (Sunny Day Real Estate cover- Age Sixteen


thiob said...

Age Sixteen songs actually are the Summer '09 demos you posted a few months ago plus the Sunny Day Real Estate cover. The split sound is better than the demo sound but these songs aren't new to me. Whatever, thanks for posting this up!

I had never heard of Wren Lloyd before but it sounds good! I like crunchy sound!

BTW, I found the songs titles on the interweb: http://www.tunecore.com/music/wrenlloyd

Anonymous said...

Sucks that they split up. Hopefully their new stuff is just as good. This split is great though

wrenlloyd said...

this is not the album artwork, therefore it should be changed.


theres the right one