Friday, May 14, 2010

Pg. 99

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO PG. 99 IS THAN I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE WITH A PG. 99 TATTOO. I heard they took at least one prostitute on tour with them once. Their music and merch can still be bought by all of their various labels (like Robotic Empire or Magic Bullet).

Members went on to play in a shit ton of bands including the following:
Pygmy Lush
Darkest Hour
Ghastly City Sleep

Below is a video from their set in Berkeley, CA in 2001 and all 14 documents.



Document 1 Demo Tape

Document 2 Split with Enemy Soil

Document 3 Split with Reactor no. 7

Document 4 Tour 6"

Document 5 LP

Document 6 Split with Process is Dead

Document 7 LP

Document 8 LP

Document 9 "A Split Personality" Split with City of Caterpillar

Document 10 "Do You Need a Place to Stay?" Live Split with Waifle

Document 11 Reissue of Doc. 3 & 4

Document 12 Split with Majority Rule

Document 13 "Pyramids in Cloth" Split with Circles Takes The Square

Document 14 The Singles


sean said...

oh shit a+ post i dont even have anywhere close to all 14 documents. thanks dudes!

weleasewoger72 said...

Yeah. I heard about the prostitute story. I think it was on the German tour a few years back and got a load of shit for it. I think this is why they split up.But then I may be wrong.....
good post.

Valentina said...

Thanks for posting pg.99's entire discography all in one place! Much respect.