Thursday, May 13, 2010

Army of Kashyyyk

ARRRMMMYYYYYY OF KAAASSSSHHHYYYYYYYYYYKK is an emoviolence band from Baltimore. Over past year they have broken up and gotten back together more times than most of us have gotten laid, but as of right now they are together. Their next show is at Barclay House on the first of June, so make sure you check that out if you're in the neighborhood.

Army's sound is a solid mix of driving thrash and emotional hardcore breaks. They are part of the vast Dawn Treader family, sharing members with dudes from Pansori, Let's, Osceola, and a few others I'm sure. We have both seen these guys numerous times and no matter where it is everyone goes ape shit. My favorite memory of Army of Kashyyyk is by far an Outclassed show at Bearacougar's Pleasure Island when I had to stand on a washing machine in order to avoid being trampled to death.

Anyways, Army of Kashyyk rule, and they are really cool dudes, so you should give them a listen. Also, I think you can buy stuff from them, so make sure to do that. Heres a video and all their stuff I could find.



Split with Lovers & Killers

Split with Osceola

Winter Tour EP


Summer/Spring 2008 Demo (pretty sure they had the same exact songs on them)

Live at Barclay House December 8th, 2009


breakingstringsandotherthings said...

it's at monarch's not barclay!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could re-upload these or update the links or whatever? It would be much appreciated!