Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grown Ups

Grown Ups

Nothing groundbreaking here, just good, superhappyfuntimesemojams. For fans of Braid, American Football, Street Smart Cyclist, Algernon Cadwallader, blah...blahh....blahhhh. I've been bumpin' this demo a lot lately. The highlights are "Surprise Party" and "Three Day Weekend".

This is just a quick little post for you, I'm still working on getting my My Winter Nerve files off of my old computer, which is a prehistoric piece of shit and hates me. Lots of good new music coming out lately! Go listen to the new Daitro, Suis La Lune/Oscoela and Failures records! I'll post more newer shit soon....

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Songs (2009)


Arthur! said...

Fuck yeah grown ups!

Bijan said...
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Bijan said...

I'll reinstate my retracted comment. Do you know where I can buy the cd of this album? I'm not finding anything for "kid sister records".

nick heitman said...

search "kid sister everything" and that should help. i also think all the CDs are sold out, but good luck.