Friday, October 23, 2009

The Cancer Kids


Perhaps the reason this record has seemed to fly under the radar in the hardcore world for so long is due to The Cancer Kid's extremely brief tenure as a band. They (as the now well-known story that has been passed around in reviews and on message boards goes) played only two shows as a band before suddenly retreating to their garage and penning 50 songs, before releasing 19 onto their debut and final LP, The Possible Dream.

Still, it seems that more people should have taken notice to these guys. Members have been associated with acts like Failures and Bucket Full of Teeth. Will Killingsworth engineered their album, in addition to releasing a one sided, one song 7" from the Possible Dream sessions on his Clean Plate label. Mark McCoy, of Charles Bronson/Das Oath/Holy Molar/Ancestors/Failures (etc, etc, etc) fame put out The Possible Dream on his Youth Attack label.

And yet, their LP, The Possible Dream, which was pressed to only 700 copies, JUST sold out through Youth Attack's mailorder. For some reason these guys remained overlooked for years. However, their name seems to be getting thrown around more and more. If you haven't given these guys a chance yet, I strongly recommend you do.

These guys serve up a powerful brand of hardcore, which some have labeled a nod to "West Coast Bandana Thrash", a tag I have to say, sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. If you like bands like Negative Approach, The Pist, or Infest, or if you like these guy's other projects (Bucket Full of Teeth, Failures), these guys are worth giving a shot. Their sound is defined by riffs pumped out at grind speeds (their 19 song album clocks in at just over 15 minutes), satirical and intelligent lyrics, and some of the most pummeling breakdowns ever pressed to vinyl.

Here's a video from their show at the Florence VFW Hall.

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Bostom Cream 7"



The Cancer Kids/Melee Split


The Possible Dream


kris138 said...

i remember buying possible dream when it came out, and feeling really lucky that i got a copy before it sold out. can't believe its taken so long! thanks for the melee split, haven't seen that before

weleasewoger72 said...

I bought this from distro in the states when this first come out but the copy I was sent was badly warped. Sadly I couldnt replace it because it had sold out everywhere. So a BIG THANK YOU for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I hear there's a new song circulating. And didn't they cover Menace or something?

seAoxen said...

there seems to be 1 rip of Possible Dream and about 6 copies of it on various blogs - because they all got the same fucked up track 12. Any chance of getting it fixed? Would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

thanks much!!!!! but you forgot track 5 fom the MELEE split....